Crypts of Dasheria V. - Patch Notes

Patch notes 13. april - 2019 - V.


  1. Added a pause menu
  2. Added the ability to always have the range indicator turned on (found in the pause menu)
  3. Added the ability to turn music on/off
  4. Added a volume slider for the background music
  5. Settings in the pause menu gets saved between play sessions if the quit button on the main menu is used


  1. Updated the armory altars and shop- and exit buttons
  2. Updated the story button to make it clearer it’s not available yet
  3. Added a heart-wobble animation when the player gets hit

Bug fixes & miscellaneous

  1. Fixed a misalignment on the player stagger animation
  2. Fixed the disappearing blue ring on player death
  3. Fixed the sorting order problem with weapons
  4. Fixed a bug where heart containers didn’t spawn the proper amount if exiting to the main menu and entering the play scene again
  5. Fixed a bug where you didn’t get a dash back on the last kill before a shop
  6. Added a missing collider on the border of the endless play scene
  7. Fixed gold not resetting on exit to main menu
  8. Fixed the sorting order of the range indicator so it’s not hidden by certain objects
  9. Fixed the description of Blessing of Hephaestus
  10. Added a build version display


Crypts of 22 MB
Apr 13, 2019

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