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Hectic CO-OP shopkeeping

"Welcome back, heroes!"

In EpicShop you play as two brave and masculine heroes, who managed to suppress evil in this world and store it in the dungeon beneath the ground. What does two "retired" heroes do after saving the world and trying to keep the evil in check you might ask? Run a store of course!

It is your task to manage which of you who interacts with needy customers, gathers the necessary raw materials and produces the finest wares this land has ever seen - but hurry! The customers in this land are not known for their patience and will soon start screaming at you if you let them wait too long... No, we're not kidding.

"Get going then, heroes! Let's see if you can handle a real challenge"

Follow our development

EpicShop is being developed by a team of six. We are very passionate about the game, and are looking forward to adding a bunch of things  to the game. We are planning on adding transportation features and even progression!

We will keep on posting Preview versions of EpicShop for free here on Itch, but a full, paid version is planned!

EpicShop is still in development, and your feedback is appreciated! We would love to hear it, so please leave a comment or review after you have tried the game.

If you like the game and want to follow the development, consider leaving feedback here on Itch or on our sites:

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You can also interact personally with us and other shopkeepers on our Discord server! We'll post announcements and answer questions:

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We're releasing Preview versions regularly, so keep an eye on the game!


This game is designed to be played by two people locally. While it is not intended, it could be possible to play it one player on one keyboard. All the more power to you. But don't say we didn't warn you!

The game can be controlled with either two controllers or a keyboard.


Inputs for controller are the same for each player.

Movement on left stick, interactions  on A, and pickup on X.


Inputs for keyboard differs for each player.

Player 1: Movement on WASD, interaction on F, and pickup on G.

Player 2: Movement on arrow keys, interaction on comma [,], and pickup on period [.].

EpicShop is a two player game, REQUIRING two players

  - Go grab a mate!

DISCLAIMER: This game plays best with two controllers as of now. Keyboard controls are supported, but labels are XBox buttons. This will most likely change further into development.

Gameplay video by Spudcats

Install instructions

Download .ZIP files, unzip them and run the .EXE.



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Development log


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