A downloadable game

-----------Instructions for playing-----------
Player 1 uses the arrow keys for moving and jumping.
Player 2 uses the W/A/D for moving and jumping.
The players can swap between worlds using the space bar.
To activate switches you just have to pass through them.

-----------Description of the game-----------
Reunion is a cooperative game in which two players have to solve
some puzzles to reach their final goal which is meeting each other
in the same world.
Our main characters are made of two opposites elements which are
fire and ice.
Each character has weaknesses. The fire one can't pass through a waterfall
while the ice one can't walk over lava pits.
In order to solve the puzzles the players can swap between worlds but they
will never be in the same side.

This game was for a gamejam with a couple of guys from Spain (I'm from Denmark).
The topics we chose are the opposites (our main characters) and mirror
(the two worlds which has the same structure but in a inverted way).


Reunion 2.0.zip 54 MB